This is my Chakra Healing review and it is about how easy it is to use these online classes. The process involves you putting in your information such as name, address and email address and then you choose a course from the ones that they send you Chakra Healing. I did not know there was such a thing as an 8 week direct approach to healing and am very thankful that I did not have to pay for any classes.

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Chakra Healing Review

The basic method is to use meditation and relaxation and as you become proficient you will be able to take your meditation to a higher level and this will take your chakra healing to another level as well. You will be able to clear your chakras of all the negative energies that have been building up there for years and as you do this you will start to feel healthier physically. This starts to heal the major organs of the body. The most popular method is with a simple crystal pendulum and I have always felt this is the simplest way on which anyone can learn to use these classes. My favorite part of this whole process was when my chakra was fully balanced and I felt like I was looking forward to something that was really important to me and this made me feel alive again.

Final Words

Chakra energies work in the same way as our aura or natural energy that surrounds us. Chakra energies are like a life force that is vibrating and each one of our chakras corresponds to a point on the aura where we can feel energetic charge or healing in relation to this point. It is like the root chakra and crown chakra and each of these chakras has a color and a symbol associated to it that are easy to remember. What is amazing about energy healing is that we can clear and balance all seven chakras with the proper techniques taught by this system.

By Hassan

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