Before I get into what an acting cover letter to agents should contain, let me tell you a little bit about what it is. An acting cover letter to agents is basically a proposal to an agency on your part. It has many parts and should always be done professionally. You should follow the following format when writing one. These are the parts of an acting cover letter to agents:

Family, Title, Icon, Web Design, Poster

What to say: This is where you tell them why you want to work for their agency. Start out with a personal story about how you found out about the agent’s business or experience and your interest in pursuing a career working with that industry. In your opening paragraph, you should tell them what your strong points are in the cover letter for acting job. Always lead with your strong points first. The second paragraph should include all the information about why you think you would make a great agent.’

Acting Cover Letter to Agents

What not to say: Now it is time to take things down from a higher level. After the introduction you should tell them why you think you would be good for their company. End this section of your resume with your full contact information including a phone number or email address. This should include you name, contact details, email address and a clear statement that says you will be willing to respond to any requests for further information.

How to write it: There are plenty of acting cover letter examples to help you out. Try to write yours as if you are speaking directly to a hiring manager. Have examples of your acting chops in mind while writing this. Highlight all of the positives about you that would make you a great fit for the company.

How to read it: An acting cover letter to agents should be easy to read. You want to make sure they can easily tell that you are the right fit for the job. Don’t overdo it with the language and don’t sound arrogant (unless you are at least 16). Be as honest as possible and let the agent know exactly what you are looking for in an agent.

Final Words

Once you have your acting cover letter to agents, it is important that you follow through by sending it along. Most agents get hundreds of applications for jobs every year and that is a lot of work to go through. If you don’t send your application in then you aren’t showing them that you are serious. They will see that you didn’t even bother to try to get in to see if you will be considered.

By Hassan

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