A popular choice among celebrities, the Blue Divine Atlanta med spa offers the latest technology and celebrity skincare treatments in an exclusive setting. Located in Buckhead, the upscale facility offers a private entrance, best-in-class technology, and friendly service. Featuring a state-of-the-art laser hair removal system, the Georgia med spa uses FDA-approved medical-grade lasers to remove unwanted hair.

Blue Divine Atlanta Med Spa

Hydrafacial is one of the most popular non-invasive facial procedures and continues to gain popularity. It has virtually no recovery time and is safe and effective. As Atlanta’s premier Hydrafacial provider, Blue Divine Atlanta med spa has received numerous awards for its expertise. The luxurious med spa is conveniently located in Buckhead, where patients can get a treatment that suits their schedules.

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Once your treatment is finished, the treated area will feel like a mild sunburn. If your treatment is for bigger areas, you can request a topical anesthetic lotion, which will be applied an hour before the procedure BlueDivine laser hair removal spa. If you have a sensitive area, a topical corticosteroid lotion will be applied prior to the procedure. In most cases, your skin will be dry and pink after the procedure.

To ensure the most comfortable experience, the treatment involves a series of brief, yet comprehensive consultations with an aesthetician. The process takes about an hour and results in smoother skin. The Blue Divine Atlanta medspa is home to the Hydrafacial, an advanced technology that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, leading to a smooth complexion. As the result, you can enjoy a shorter shower and less post-treatment itchiness.

Another treatment available at Blue Divine Atlanta medspa is Icon Hair Removal. This technology focuses on small-sized areas like the cheeks and upper lip. It is highly effective and requires multiple sessions to completely remove hair. While the treatment is effective, you should expect some residual hair growth for seven to 30 days. It is important to note that after Icon Hair Removal, the treatment may not cause new hair growth. It is not permanent, but it will not recur.

The Blue Divine Atlanta med spa uses lasers to remove hairs. FDA-approved lasers are safe and FDA-cleared, ensuring that you’re getting the best possible results. The treatments are effective for reducing hair by up to 85%. The procedure also reduces the risk of ingrown hairs. The procedure also does not require a surgical procedure. You can schedule several treatments in a single day, which will help you maintain a smoother skin tone.

Whether you’re looking to get rid of your hair or reduce the number of strands, laser hair removal is the right choice for you. The procedure will help you achieve the desired look you desire, and it will leave you feeling beautiful and confident. It also helps you control your stress levels. If you have a stressful job, you can get help from a professional at Blue Divine Atlanta medspa. There are many benefits to removing unwanted hair. It’s a great way to improve your overall health and give yourself a boost.

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