A bunion is a malformation on the joint of your big toe that causes it to jam or stick together when walking, playing sports or just standing. The cartilage which naturally protects this area becomes injured and is then forced to separate by repeated rubbing and pressure. This constant rubbing makes the cartilage softer and more susceptible to injury causing a bunion.

Bunion Surgery Information

When you have bunion surgery you break up this joint in order to relieve the pressure that has built up over time. The bones will then shift to fill in the space left by the dislocated joint, thus relieving the pressure and fixing the bunion. The cost of bunion surgery varies depending on a number of factors including how large the bunion is and the severity of the bunion.

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Bunion surgery is performed in a number of ways depending on the circumstances. These situations make you a good candidate for bunion surgery: Your foot is severely limited or hurts whenever you walk or play sports First Toe Bunion. You could barely walk a couple of blocks without major pain and swelling. Your big toe is stuck or swollen and extremely painful no matter medication and rest. The deformities are noticeable by The bump or crooked appearance of your big toe.

If you fall into one of these categories, surgery is probably a good idea for you to have. Depending on the seriousness of your deformities you may be able to do it on your own following a visit to your orthopedic surgeon. Bunion surgery costs vary depending on your general health, your age, and what you are having done.

There are numerous factors that go into the cost of bunion surgery including the following: The severity of the deformities leading to the surgery. Your general health and age The duration of time since your last bunion surgery The amount of work that needs to be done in order to fully heal following surgery The exact procedure done on your feet in the procedure itself The doctor’s billing procedures Following surgery

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