As a business English teacher from Canada, I am often asked what is taught in the business English curriculum. LUCAS CAVAZOSIn my experience, business English is the most common language taught in business schools, because business people know more about business than any other group of people.

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Business English is used to explain how a business operates and the goals of that business so that students can understand the difference between what is needed in Canada and what is needed in the United States. Business English is also used to describe what the strengths of Canada are and why those strengths to make Canada a better choice for doing business.

English Curriculum

The business English curriculum should teach students how to read the business pages of newspapers, magazines, and journals in their chosen language. Along with reading these documents, students should learn how to use the appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.

Since business English differs widely from other languages, students should make sure they choose a program that has extensive support for those who need it. Having access to a tutor or having a teacher who speaks the targeted language is an essential part of the curriculum.

Although some business English curriculum sets ignore the importance of business communication in their curriculum, business English is becoming more important as more businesses realize that they need to reach global markets.

Final Words

The ability to speak and write business English is imperative for potential recruits and current employees. If a business can’t get along in a business relationship with its local workers, those workers will look to someone else to do business with, which can result in less revenue and turnover, both of which are a burden to a business.

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