Studies with dogs have shown strong evidence that CBD oil for cancer can help to manage the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and other drugs used in the treatment of dogs suffering from cancer. This is one exciting discovery that provides hope to pet owners who may be about to give their dogs medical treatment. Unfortunately, until recently, there was no approved human use for cbd for dogs yet, and the effects of CBD for cancer in dogs are not well understood or studied in detail. However, a recent review of animal studies conducted by a team of medical scientists at the University of Buffalo revealed strong evidence that CBD is a useful treatment for dogs suffering from cancer. The study was published in the journal Cancer Science Online.

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CBD Oil for Dogs Prevent Cancer

CBD belongs to the same family of plants that produce CBD, the same compound that makes marijuana illegal in many states. Like marijuana, it has a high concentration of THC, the compound that gives the “high,” including the hallucinations, anxiety, and other benefits associated with marijuana use. Some of the compounds in CBD are believed to help prevent cancer cells from metastasizing to other parts of the body. Several studies with animals have shown promising results when using CBD for both cancer and tumors.

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In the current study, the scientists tested two different concentrations of CBD, one in human plasma and another in the brain, in order to determine if CBD can have an effect on tumors. Both concentrations of CBD they tested produced significant effects in the animals. When given to animals, CBD significantly reduced tumor size and prevented the formation of new tumors. The researchers believe that the concentration of CBD found in CBD oil for pets is sufficient to provide the benefits the animals received from the treatment, but they would like to conduct more studies to determine CBD’s effects on humans. In addition, CBD is still considered a Schedule II substance, which means it has a high potential for abuse and dependence.

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