The Couples Counselling Retreat is essentially a 2-day intensive training/counseling workshop for couples specializing in emotional healing. This is an all-company weekend retreat, any couple that wishes to partake are only allowed to attend this one special weekend. During this weekend retreat, you’ll learn how to repair your relationship with your partner in order to live in constant joy and happiness with one another.

Couples Counselling Retreat

On the second day of the retreat, you’ll get to experience the power of prayer by having an ‘eye-opening experience. This will allow you to see the possibilities in your life – and how God’s love can empower you to use those possibilities for your benefit!

Butterflies, Pair, Flowers

There are many couples counseling retreats available; however, not all of them are tailored to the needs of couples in difficult relationships Relationship Connect. Some are designed for adults who are struggling within a stable relationship, and some are specifically designed for couples that have experienced some form of abuse or neglect in their past.

This makes it very important that you choose a couples counseling retreat that fits your needs – by allowing you to fully immerse yourself in Christian teachings, personal growth, intimacy, and relationship counseling. By allowing each other the ability to experience true freedom and healing, you can learn how to overcome past hurts and build a stronger, more satisfying relationship.

It is not uncommon to spend weeks or even months just ‘getting used to a certain level of intimacy before it can be sustained between couples. Couples counseling retreat allows you to experience that with your partner in a setting where they desire to build upon the current level of intimacy is natural and encourages communication and intimacy as a natural and healthy expression of love.

Through the Couples Counselling Retreat, you will become aware of the potential that God has for your relationship and what He has planned for you as a couple. It allows you to receive the deepest and most authentic form of relationship counseling so that you can grow in your understanding of God’s Word and you as a couple.

By Hassan

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