CPAP or Continuous positive airway pressure is a type of treatment where the flow of air into the throat and mouth is controlled by a machine or a pump visit for more info. The pressurized air is then directed to the patient’s nasal passage and out of the lungs. There are different ways that CPAP machines clean. They include the use of a humidifier, dry heat, a cool machine, and even a disinfectant hose. All of these methods are meant to clean the system and ensure the proper functioning of the machine.

How To Choose Best CPAP Cleaner

How to Ensure Cleaning Occurs Efficiently?

One of the most important things to note about CPAP cleaning is to keep the humidifier or dry heat on at all times. This will help maintain the right air pressure that is needed for the machine to function properly. It also prevents the machine from having to work overtime, especially when there are low pressure levels. The humidifier can be switched on as soon as the machine gets cool and turned off once it reaches a warm setting.

Final Words

In addition to the humidifier, you also need to keep your CPAP cleaner as clean as possible. This includes ensuring that the filter is changed regularly. Cleaning the filter is important because this will keep bacteria out of the CPAP and prevent you from getting any discomfort from having to use the machine. For ResMed CPAP cleaner, the filter needs to be changed every three months while Alcon CPAP filter needs to be changed once a month.

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