Dental implants cost more than dentures. That can sound like more money than other tooth replacement solutions such as dentures, but this is only really true if you compare the cost upfront. When it comes to treatment, the dental implant may take a little bit longer. Even so, in the long run, it costs less than dentures. For the long-term savings and trouble-free of having missing teeth, the dental implant is worth considering.

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To understand how implants work, it’s helpful to first look at the common dental implant solutions with Mark Tickle DMD Family & Implant Dentistry. These are two main kinds of dental prosthetics – the removable or replaceable denture and the fixed dental implant. The differences between these two options can be minimal when it comes to the materials used. However, they can be compared on a more fundamental level for understanding how implants function.

Dental Implants Cost Per Tooth

The most expensive of the two main solutions is the fixed dental implant procedure. This procedure works by implanting a metal screw into the jaw bone so that a tooth or teeth can be attached directly to the new bone. Because the post inserted into the jaw will need to be custom made to match the size and shape of the replacement tooth, this can cost quite a bit more than traditional dentures. However, the cost savings can be significant.

The second option is the removable dental prosthesis. A dental implant is designed to be easily removed by the patient. It is usually made out of titanium, which serves as the main material used. It is then mounted on a steel frame with screws and bolts. To remove the implant, patients must undergo either general anesthesia or oral sedation – both of which are cheaper ways to go than surgery.

The third option, which is a bit more expensive than either of the other two, is the periapical dental implants. This option uses a small titanium post that acts like a tooth root in the jaw. When it is inserted into the jaw bone, it looks and feels like an actual tooth root. Patients who choose this procedure must have had their natural teeth restored and need to have some gum tissue available before the process can proceed. The cost of this dental implant procedure is higher than either of the other two, but the potential for restoring lost teeth is greater.

Final Words

Once you’ve decided which type of dental implants you’d like to use, you’ll have to decide where you want to get your dental implants from. If you don’t have dental insurance, or if your dental insurance company won’t cover the cost of dental implants, you’ll have to find alternative ways to pay for them.

Fortunately, the cost of dental implants doesn’t appear to be going any lower. Plus, if you’re willing to take out a small bank loan, you may be able to pay off your dental insurance and pay for the dental implants yourself. Just don’t forget to use your new, improved, dental insurance to make sure that the loan is paid on time.

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