Construction companies employ a variety of kinds of Excavation earthmoving Geelong in construction, depending on the original project type and the material being used. Generally, there are three kinds of excavation in construction – underground, surface, and hydraulic. Each kind has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below are some kinds of excavation classified according to material and function:

Excavation, Power Shovel, Excavator


This kind of excavation is done mainly to dispose of water or other liquids that can cause damage to the soil Distrikt Trafalgar Condos. This kind of excavation can also be done to eliminate an underground or above-ground structure that may have developed cracks or sunken areas. Muck excavations can be horizontal or vertical. The former type is performed on the ground while the latter kind is usually done on a slope or a hillside.


This kind of excavation can be done when there is a need to reach materials hidden underground such as pipes, wiring, or electrical wires. It is used mainly in civil engineering projects.


This kind of excavation can be done when dirt or other absorbent materials need to be removed from the earth. As the name suggests, this type of excavation needs to launch from a high point, usually a hillside or a mountain, and then descend towards the site of operation. This is a risky endeavor because of the risk of collapse if the soil is not steep enough or the workers should not be provided with enough protective gear. The workers need to be well-trained in the use of heavy equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, and compactors.


Also referred to as a rotational excavation, this kind of excavation is the opposite of the sampling method in which soil is removed gradually by a worker by manually picking up the debris one by one from the earth. Rotational digging makes use of a series of gears, such as rock-crushing equipment, that enables the operator to chip away at the earth and get to the buried materials.


This is the most destructive form of excavation, and it is mostly used in demolition projects and works. Usually, this type of excavation deals with demolishing buildings that are in need of total structural renovation. For instance, a building that is about to be destroyed will first be filled with earth to make it compact and put under pressure. Once the area is safe for work, heavy machinery will be used to break down the building. This is also a very risky type of excavation because the work area can easily become buried under the earth.

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