Can you sell Bitcoin to PayPal through eToro? The second part of this series of tutorials will show you just how to sell Bitcoin to PayPal using eToro, the leading payment processor in the world! published 4 December What exactly is Paxful? This lets you specify your preferred payment mode, currency, and instant transaction. And you don’t even need a PayPal account to use this amazing payment platform.

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When looking at potential payment options through PayPal, it’s easy to get lost in the list of available services. But you might want to consider another payment option besides what is offered. You may also be concerned about getting your money to its proper destination. You can make use of local money transfer platforms like banks or Western Union to send funds via bitcoins Bitcoin to PayPal. If you’re sending funds to another country, however, you’ll have to open an account and go through red tape in order to deposit the money.

Exchange bitcoins to PayPal

You can take advantage of PayPal’s money transfer features with the help of third-party money transfer platforms. Such services are available through weBank, though the service isn’t free, and fees may apply. However, by using such services, you will be able to send bitcoins to your account, which is a much faster process than any other means via normal methods.

The question left for you is how can you convert your current bitcoins into cash and how can you pay for them through PayPal. It’s pretty easy to do. Most people have heard of merchant accounts, which allow you to accept credit cards and electronic checks through your website. With the help of a third-party payment processor like Paxful, you can convert your online purchases into cash instantly, without any hassle. You just need to find a reputable platform that offers this service.

You should first visit the following websites before settling on a particular platform: Bitpay, Paydotcom and Goeahost. Once you’re at these sites, you can select a payment processor. This doesn’t mean that you have to pick the most popular one; it simply means that the service provider should be compatible with the operating system on your computer. For instance, if you’re using Windows, you should go for a provider with Windows interface. This is important because most platforms are not compatible with all computers.

Final Words

Once you’ve decided on a service, you can start the process by signing up. Before doing so, make sure that you’ve read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid getting stuck later. For instance, there are some fee-related issues that you need to be aware of. As mentioned earlier, this is not a long-term solution. To exchange bitcoins to PayPal in the easiest way possible, follow the above step-by-step guide and get started today.

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