“New Newcastle Bathroom Renovations is a project of the future” is the tag line of a company advertising one of the most exciting bathroom projects in Newcastle. “New Newcastle Bathroom Renovations utilizes innovative technology to bring you the most outstanding designs and will give you a luxurious Auckland bathroom renovation specialists that you’ve been dreaming about”. The vision is of an inspiring oasis outside the hustle and bustle of the city center, where the average family can relax after a hard day’s work. “The result is a beautiful public area where you can feel relaxed and at home, whilst still accessible to residents of the city center”.

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The company went into business in April 2021 and is located in the heart of the city in the New Exchange Square area. “We take pride in our renovation work and aim to deliver quality work of a very high standard,” says Mr. Andrew Green, one of the directors of New Newcastle Bathroom Renovations bathroom remodel. “We use the latest technology from the sustainable building, enabling us to provide a truly green and environmentally friendly facility for you”. He also goes onto say that their main aim is to “fit in more bathrooms so that you can maximize your usage of the facilities available to you”.

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One of the main factors they pride themselves on with their customers is the quality of the workmanship. This means that every piece of wood or metal used has been pre-finished by a professional craftsman who has been a member of the Board of Certification for timber and steel works for more than 10 years. This not only guarantees high quality work, but the durability and long-lasting nature. Mr Green goes onto say “we want to give you a product you can be proud of, which is made using the highest standards of craftsmanship, which will last you a long time”. This company is proud to offer a friendly service and offer a wide variety of affordable prices.

They also have a reputation for delivering their workmanship to the satisfaction of their clients. Their friendly service is also apparent when you visit their showrooms, which are located in several cities around the country. These showrooms not only feature a large selection of different styles of baths, they also offer other related services. One of which is allowing you to see some of the work that has already been completed, so that you can have a better idea of what you want from your new bathroom. This way you can choose a style that you like and feel confident that you will get the end result that you desire.

One of the main reasons that people are choosing to renovate their bathrooms is to create a “wow” factor. By choosing to use these trades for your new bathroom you can not only get the great ideas, but the services that will help you achieve this fantastic end result. There are several ways that you can obtain a competitive quote for your bathroom renovation, including doing it yourself. If you feel adventurous then you could even try and take on the challenge of trying to build your own custom-designed dream bathroom.

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However, if you are the more traditional type then you may want to think about hiring a company who offers a turnkey solution. This will offer you great peace of mind that your renovations will be completed to your exacting specifications. A good quality local company should always offer a competitive quote on their services. They should do all the planning for you, from designing the space to the wiring and plumbing. Once the project has been started they should oversee the installation of every aspect, including the bathroom renovators themselves.

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