So what home remedies for skin tags do I have? If you’ve ever had one you know it can be one of the most painful things ever home remedies for skin tags. They also tend to pop up at the worst times… when you’re doing things like eating or drinking something that could easily cause them, and then when you least expect them! Plus with all the different home remedies for skin tags, they range from being fairly painless (like using an ice pack on your tag) to downright ugly (cutting off the skin tag with scissors or freezing it off).

Scent, Sticks, Fragrance, Aromatic

Remedies For Skin Tags

Your best bet in home remedies for skin tags is to first figure out why they are there in the first place. Is it a yeast infection? Are you taking certain drugs? Maybe you’re just having growing pains and the itchiness is causing them.

Final Words

Some home remedies for skin tags include applying some common household ingredients like garlic, coconut oil, and tea tree oil directly to the area, or rubbing it on a dressing or bandage before you apply anything else. The dressing or bandage you use should be changed regularly to allow for the growing time of your tag, or you could just leave it on overnight and change it the next day (changing it daily will allow it to soak in the changing conditions of your body). It’s really a matter of personal preference as to how you handle your tags do what you want and make your own home remedies for skin tags as you like.

By Hassan

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