If you are looking for the best laptop under 70000 with i7 processor, it is the right time to get one and start using your innovative device right away. There are many branded laptop brands in India that are all competing with each other.

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However, you can look for other things than the brand name while searching for the best laptop in India, as they are not the most important thing. Selecting the best one amongst so many options is not that easy at all. You need to do a lot of research on the subject to find out the best options.

Best Laptop In India Features

Battery Life:

If you are looking for long battery life, then go for slim and tiny models. They are not too big in size and are the best for those who do not want to carry a huge machine around. Best for people who spend most of their time on the internet.

Other than slim and tiny laptops, there are also several models with more advanced technology like quad-core processors, 1GB RAM, optical drives, etc., which are just as powerful but smaller in size.

Operating System:

This is the most important point. In case you do not know what to look for, go for Windows Vista or any other operating system. If you prefer Linux, there are a few good brands that are popular in India like Ubuntu, Red Hat, Mandriva, Fedora, and so forth. Choose the best one which fits your requirement.

Video Card:

If you are looking for a gaming processor, check out if there is any support for AMD and Nvidia. Check out the video card and sound card as well. A better video card has a higher quality output than other ones.

A good sound card will make your laptop very quiet and also help in saving power. Also, check the battery life of your laptop. A high-powered laptop will have long battery life and that will save a lot of money.

Check out how much warranty the company offers for their laptops. It is better to buy from a company that offers a good warranty because there may be any defects in the manufacturing process. Also do not forget to check out whether the company provides a service contract after the purchase of the notebook. All these factors will help you in choosing the best laptop brands in India

Check out what is the maximum performance of the laptop. The best technology available in the market is the i5 processors which have increased the speed of computing by more than 25%. Check out the graphics and the sound card and the screen resolution.

Final Words

If you want to see the best performance for your laptops, go for the latest models with i5 processors. Some companies also offer other features like double core RAM which will increase the processing speed even further.

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