High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors, also known as HVCC, are the ones used in many electronic devices. They are a form of capacitor. The function of HVCC is to control the charging and discharging of a battery. Their abilities are many including temperature control, ionization, and temperature calibration. Many companies use them for various purposes like computer power supplies, lighting controls, auto battery chargers,s and many more.

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HVCC Capacitor Ratings

The kind of technology used in manufacturing HVCC is the polyester-based design and the main materials are polyester and silica doorknob capacitors. There are many companies that make and produce high voltage ceramic capacitors but some are well known. Namely, Murata, Sharp, Matsushita, Hitachi, Kintaro, Hitachi, Nippon, and Yuasa.

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In terms of power rating, the HVCC’s range from approximately 0.5 volts to about 5 Volts and they are suitable for all kinds of electrical devices. Most common in automobile car audio equipment. High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors are available in both single layer and double layer construction with the double layer construction giving the user flexibility to switch between the power levels. Popular high-power ceramic capacitor ratings are in the area of about 1000 amps where a large area of current can be drawn.

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