Plymouth SEO, a specialist internet marketing agency based in Devon, UK, places brands on Google Maps to stay on top of mind and relevant for customers. This is done by having a good website, with relevant content that appeals to search engines, a strong social media presence, and a range of other key components. With his team of professional bloggers, Mariano found that if he wrote blogs about his product or his company, more people were willing to visit his site and perhaps return later. He also added that it was important that his blogs were free of errors. This led to a higher bounce rate on his websites, which brought down his rankings.

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Ranking On Google

When it came to increasing his search engine visibility, he had to make some changes to his website. In order to do this, he contacted an internet marketing consultancy company, Plymouth SEO, who offered him free advice on how to make his website more relevant SEO consultant Plymouth. By adding relevant keywords to his web pages, he improved his ranking on Google Maps, which brought him traffic from the area. In addition, he created a page on Google+, which attracts local users, and another on Google Places, which helps attract visitors to a specific location. Together, these helped him improve his Google ranking.

Final Words

However, not all of this improvement was permanent. It took six months before he saw improvements on his Google ranking, and only then did he begin to take advantage of digital marketing services provided by Plymouth SEO. It’s clear from this story that improving your ranking on Google, especially if you use SEO services, takes time. As long as you continue to work at it and invest time regularly, you should be successful.

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