Despite a tough economy and rising costs, Carrefour is aiming to achieve rapid expansion in the UAE. While the company has experienced tremendous pressure in its home market, the recent global economic downturn and unfavorable weather conditions have led to a sharp decline in first-quarter sales.


The French retailer has made a number of strategic decisions, including selling off assets in five countries to focus on its domestic business. To improve price perception and expand its multichannel offering, the retailer is making plans to refurbish all of its outlets and focus on its core business.

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Tobacco is one of the most harmful substances a person can consume. Smoking destroys your lungs by reducing your capacity to breathe. It also causes your heart to work harder, reducing its capacity to pump oxygen. Hence, iQOS aims to reduce the number of smokers Iqos in Dubai. The device can be used indoors as well, allowing smokers to smoke in a comfortable and safe environment.

The company’s smokeless cigarette products can be purchased over the counter at 11 supermarkets and stores in Dubai, including the Duty-Free section. The battery-operated devices have a tobacco plug and produce vapor instead of harmful cigarette smoke. The device can also be used indoors, which can be a significant advantage. The iQOS device can be recharged over again.

iQOS helps smokers stop smoking. It eliminates the need to chew tobacco, which is the primary cause of lung disease. Not only does smoking increase your risk of cancer, but it causes your heart to work harder to pump oxygen throughout the body. Tobacco is also bad for your health. Using iQOS makes it possible to quit smoking without a problem. And it can be used indoors, too.

Smoking is harmful to the lungs. It can cause them to lose oxygen in the air during inhalation, and the heart has to work harder to pump oxygen into the lungs. Thankfully, iQOS is an affordable and convenient option for smokers who are addicted to tobacco. It’s available in many locations, including at Duty-Free. However, some medics say that iQOS is not as safe as people think.

As the second-largest retailer in the world, Carrefour has struggled to improve its profits. In a country with a low-income population, the cost of a cigarette is a lot higher than it is in the UAE. Hence, the UAE government is trying to curb the consumption of cigarettes. The company hopes to make it the best option in the Middle East. There are many advantages to using iQOS.

The iQOS is a battery-operated device that allows smokers to avoid cigarette smoke. It contains a tobacco plug and produces vapor instead of harmful smoke. Although it is relatively new, its popularity has prompted some critics to question its safety. Nevertheless, it is a safe and effective alternative to cigarettes. It is available in most grocery stores in the UAE and costs less than a dollar.

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