With the recession in full swing and the need for more lawyers, there are more law firm jobs than ever. Interestingly enough, there’s a marked decrease in the number of full-time legal secretaries. The big turnabout has to do with paralegals and lawyers find themselves taking on many of the same responsibilities of legal assistants.

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Law Firm Jobs

Legal offices are always a good place to look for law firm jobs because they usually hire paralegals and lawyers to take on some of their more clerical duties at Canmore Law Firm. In recent years, the need for paralegal assistance has increased dramatically. Paralegals are responsible for doing research, interviewing witnesses, and drafting documents, among other things. A legal record clerk, on the other hand, is responsible for the archiving and management of all attorney’s documents. As you can see, both a paralegal and a lawyer can be found in legal offices, so they are obviously not on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Final Words

You may be surprised that I mentioned this, but I think it bears repeating. The legal industry continues to grow despite a slow economy because people expect more services and lower prices. Lawyers and paralegals are very happy with the growing economy, because they continue to find more jobs in more places. If you want to work in this ever-growing industry, make sure you have a sharp legal mind and plenty of skills. These are two major requirements for any job.

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