Kitchen design professionals often refer to the refrigerator, stove and sink as the kitchen top triangle. It is the central space of activity, so arranging a kitchen top triangle takes careful planning. All three of the triangle’s main elements-the sink, stove or refrigerator see the most use.

Kitchen Design Mistakes

In order to encourage efficient use of each element, consider ergonomic design and storage options for everything in the kitchen, from the trash to your hot plate. If you are redesigning your kitchen, don’t just stop at the kitchen sink; add a kitchen top triangle to get maximum use out of every square inch.

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Consider kitchen islands to create good ventilation in the kitchen. Islands have their place in any kitchen design layout. However, unless you plan to design your island to match the style of the rest of the kitchen, it may be best to avoid them. When choosing an island, keep in mind that the best ones are those with good ventilation home renovation. Good kitchen design will allow you to reach items easily without opening the doors or drawers.

Other kitchen design mistakes include poor cabinet spacing. The kitchen islands and stove can make the cabinets seem empty. If your kitchen design has poor cabinet spacing, you may be forced to route items through more than one door or drawer. This practice makes it impossible to store large kitchen items such as pots or pans where they can be seen. In addition, kitchen islands and storage space need to provide enough room to move around in while cooking without bumping into things.

Poor lighting is another kitchen design mistake that can lead to wasted kitchen space and time during meal preparation. Unfortunately, too little light means you may not see the ingredients you need to cook. On the other hand, too much light means you’ll be working with limited kitchen supplies and you’ll spend more time searching for the kitchen items you need. In both cases, this is a recipe for disaster.

One kitchen design mistake that is common among home cooks is not installing adequate lighting within the kitchen. When planning for a kitchen island or other kitchen remodel, do not overlook the importance of lighting. A well-lighted kitchen allows you to work in all areas of the kitchen. It also gives you easy access to everything you need for cooking, cutting, and storing food. Good kitchen design always includes good lighting.

If you take the time to make sure your kitchen has all of the features necessary to provide comfort and convenience, you’ll find that it is easier to prepare meals than ever before. Do not let kitchen design mistakes keep you from the kitchen you want. With a little planning and some help from kitchen islands and other creative solutions, you can create a kitchen you will love spending time in.

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