There is a ton of mental health and substance abuse articles out there, and I’m not talking about the articles that are written for therapists or other professionals. Most of these articles are written by people who seek to share their stories with others.

Mental Health

Some of them are serious, while others are meant to be light-hearted, with laughs. Whatever the intent, there is a lot of substance abuse and mental health articles out there that are meant to help educate, inform, and maybe even motivate you to get help.

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What are mental health and substance abuse? It’s when a person, or persons, use drugs or alcohol in a significant way to the point where their mental and physical health is affected. These articles can help you understand what mental health is, and what you can do to improve your mental health, and/or improve the quality of your life.

The articles can also help you find resources for getting treatment if needed. If you have a loved one who uses drugs and/or alcohol, see if you can find informational articles about drug and alcohol addiction recovery, mental health, rehab, and other resources.

Some articles talk about the latest research in mental health and addiction. Articles like these are helpful because they don’t sugar coat everything. Sometimes you read an article and think “hmm, that doesn’t ring true”, only to find out later that it does cognitive behavioral therapy. By being open and honest with yourself, you can begin the healing process.

Other times, the articles will talk about how everyone can help by abstaining from substances. Yes, you read that right. This is something that is often overlooked, and its importance is often overlooked. A friend, coworker, or loved one may be having an alcohol or drug problem, but by participating in a group, or even going to support meetings for alcoholics and addicts, you can have a positive influence on someone else. This can go far beyond the emotional and spiritual benefits that many participants feel.

When looking up articles on mental health and substance abuse, be aware of your own behaviors. If you find that you engage in dangerous behavior such as breaking the law, driving dangerously, making irresponsible decisions, lying, or stealing, this needs to be brought to light.

Tell your family or friends; don’t keep this a secret. If you use drugs or alcohol and are doing so in secret, keep in mind what sort of impact these behaviors are having on others. Be honest about your circumstances and the impact they are having on others. There is hope!

Mental health and substance abuse can be very complicated issues. Its effects can be quite devastating and preventable. When seeking out information on any type of mental health and substance abuse, be sure to ask lots of questions and do some digging.

By Hassan

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