“quartered in Morris County, New Jersey, our Morristown-based Law Offices serve clients nationwide with bankruptcy legal support Morristown bankruptcy attorney. Whether you are considering filing for bankruptcy or working with an experienced professional to resolve your financial problems, we are committed to assisting you in making the right decision for your future. Our highly skilled professional attorneys will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the best settlement possible while still maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. We will work closely with you throughout the bankruptcy process and strive to achieve your best wishes.” says Joseph Lora, Esq., CPA, MA, JD, and Vice-Chair of the New Jersey Bar Association.

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Morristown Bankruptcy Attorney

“We represent clients with a variety of financial problems including individual voluntary arrangements (IVA), company voluntary arrangements (CVA), and debtor initiatory settlements (DAS). The overwhelming majority of clients who choose to file for bankruptcy protection using the U.S. bankruptcy laws are able to successfully complete a Chapter Seven bankruptcy plan and obtain protection from their creditors. However, some clients continue to struggle even after they receive the protection they need from their creditors.

In order for this to occur, it is essential that the client fully understand their options and thoroughly analyze their financial situation to ensure they can repay their debts in an efficient and timely manner,” added Joseph Lora, Esq., CPA, MA, JD, and Vice-Chair of the New Jersey Bar Association missouri chapter 7 exemptions. “The personal experiences of clients with our Morristown-based Law Offices is what sets us apart from other bankruptcy law firms nationwide. Through our free initial evaluation and credit counseling, as well as individualized debt resolution strategies, we strive to give our clients an edge in resolving their financial troubles.”

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An experienced Morristown – NJ bankruptcy lawyer understands the complex nature of filing for bankruptcy in New Jersey. Therefore, when you work with a lawyer in this area, it is important that you discuss the details of your debts with them so that he or she can explore all of your options. You will also want to discuss any payments plans that you may be eligible for. Although you will not receive a lump sum amount through the New Jersey bankruptcy court, you will be able to reduce your debt by paying a small monthly payment or one payment over a long period of time. Your New Jersey bankruptcy attorney can explain all of your options to you, including the pros and cons of each, and help you make the best decision for your financial future.

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