Pew Pews Madafak Mas is unique creations by award winning local artist Honey Poe. The internationally acclaimed street artist creates politically satirical t-shirts, bumper stickers, posters, art, and other products featuring politically-themed designs. Pew Pews Madafakas meaning shirts, bumper stickers, posters, art and other products with a liberal slant. These t-shirts are made from recycled content using fair trade labor in developing countries. Proceeds from each sale to help fund local artists and projects. Every sale puts cash in Honey Poe s pocket.

Adult, Casual, Caucasian, Glasses

Pew Madafak As Meaning

Pew Pews Madafak Mas shirts are worn by locals and visitors alike pew pew madafakas meme. The designs in the designs can be offensive to some and non-offensive to others. When making street art or politically themed clothing choices there are many options to consider. Finding the right mix between tradition and satire is key to making a statement and sharing your opinion.

Fina Words

Street artists have been making political statements for years by painting graffiti on buildings and walls across the world. Making your own statement is simple when using your senses and your imagination. The best way to share your opinion about the world around you and express yourself creatively is to draw, paint, or print something on a piece of paper. It is your window to the world. If you enjoy coming together to share your creative ideas and give and receive feedback from other artists, why not start a business with your talents? You can start a business with your own designs and sell customized street wear using the Internet.

By Hassan

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