In the first person, brilliant memoirs of the author as an NYC real estate tycoon and owner of the hip and popular clothing lines caught between two cultures in the 80’s Keith Urban’s Reggae Boy comes to life in this bestselling memoir Nordheimer. The story begins with the rise and fall of one of the hip’s most beloved celebrities Jay-Z. Urban portrays Jay-Z as a young man looking for a place in his career that gives him the freedom to explore, enjoy personal infidelities, and make big mistakes without consequence.

Madeira, Portugal, Island, Atlantic

Reggae Boy by Keith Urban

In the first person accounts of their friendship, Jay-Z and his brother Damon are seen as rebellious youth who had little concern for societal rules, especially those of the black community. However, as Damon states in the book, “It was our parents that made us understand what’real’ was…our perspective on real was always different from their perspective.” Urban takes the reader through the ups and downs of both these iconic rappers both as a competitive and a loved performer until they find themselves back in the arms of their mothers who encourage them to pursue their dream. When they do, the streets of New York City become a reflection of the tension between the artist.

Urban’s own trials and triumphs as an artist and businessman help plot the course for the next phase of his life, which was to be shaped by his marriage to Lisa Rinna, the teenage daughter of his friend Damon. Although he is aware of the precarious nature of their relationship, Urban tells the story of their remarkable union, the trials and triumphs, the beauty of their time together, and finally their untimely deaths.

Final Words

Although there are many events in this book that may seem familiar to those who have read his other books such as the Yeezus and Now, the main plotline of Reggae Boy is the story of a young man’s quest to find himself and escape the brutal realities of the city he calls home. Ultimately, the reader comes to realize that Urban has crafted a tale of true colors and contrasts that show how the city of New York can be a place of beauty and promise while also being a place of struggle, danger, and heartache.

By Hassan

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