A t-shirt girl is a young girl who usually ages between eight and twelve years old, who is famous for her t shirts. She is usually part of the punk subculture who considers herself as an icon. T-shirt girls usually perform at DIY and squats festivals, as well as participating in various music festivals. There are various stages where t shirt girls can perform, and they perform them all at once, sometimes in small groups. These are the types of performances that attract the audience.

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T-Shirt Girl

At such performances, there are usually several people dressed as gods and goddesses or sometimes magicians. In order to become a t-shirt girl, one must get a certain number of shirts with slogans or messages on them, which usually depends on the size of the best desantis shirts. And for this role, the t-shirt girl has to dress very formally, often with a long veil, or she has to have her hair done in a ponytail.

Final Words

Usually, there are no specific instructions on how to perform in front of a crowd, but there are tips on how to make it easier. It takes a lot of practice, effort, patience and determination in order to be a t-shirt girl. One must also remember that a t-shirt girl is basically a mascot or a bodyguard for a certain group. Thus, she is responsible for attracting the crowd’s attention to the group. Her duty is not only limited to wearing t shirts, but she must be able to perform without it as well.

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