There is a new social bookmarking site taking off, and it has nothing to do with technology at all: Reddit. The reddish-colored dots on the top right-hand side of any website are actually “Redditors” who have chosen to promote a particular post by fellow editors. For instance, if a creditor likes the article “Watch Dogs 2,” they will post a link to that post along with a witty comment such as “You can’t kill a man, but you can teach him to kill himself.” Other creditors then see that post and add their own comments to it, making a whole “round” or “contributor” of sorts to the original post. Those who like that post then upvote it and the post moves up in the “ladder of popularity” so to speak.

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That means that each time a creditor posts a link to a post they’ve added, the post gets promoted and therefore gains more exposure, and thus more traffic IT News Australia. If you haven’t heard of Reddit yet, it’s an amazing way to get news on your favorite topics from all over the world. Because each Redditor that adds a post earns some sort of reward (usually in the form of either a quiz or a coupon for something), the traffic rakes in big time. It’s similar to getting a free ride on a bus that’s going the same direction as you are. Except that instead of being an instant traffic generator, the edited links act like miniature traffic generators for your Internet search engine needs.

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It might sound like an alien concept, but it’s not, and it’s a very good way to stay up on the latest in your field or industry. Simply go to your favorite submission site, add a re-edited link, and up pops all the news you could want. Best of all, reedited links show up in your regular search results, which is a great way to draw more attention to your site.

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