Microsoft Office certification is one of the most important certifications, one can obtain in the world of Microsoft Office products and services. It not only certifies the person to have knowledge on the functionality of Microsoft Office products and services but also sets him or her apart from other potential professionals. This certification is necessary especially for people who are looking to climb the ladder of success in the world of Information Technology (IT).

Microsoft Office Certification

Having this certification opens up many doors for these IT-minded individuals as it helps employers to see that the individual has the capability of handling the duties and responsibilities of such a position The availability of these certifications is another great advantage, as it enables people with any level of IT experience to further their IT education in order to open more opportunities for themselves.

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Microsoft Office certification tests cover the majority of the topics that are related to the functionality of the Microsoft Office products and services. The exams cover subjects like Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Firefox, Java, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and many others. Microsoft Office specialist master certifications come in three categories, which are: Microsoft Certified Specialist (MCS), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSSE) and Microsoft Certified Desktop Manager (MFM).

These three groups provide different certification paths for the IT professionals, which are differentiated based on the number of certification exams that need to be passed in order to become a certified specialist, the type of exam the test is based on, and the time frame required to attain the certification. In general, Microsoft certification exams cover five major areas that are based on the functional areas of Microsoft Office products and services:

The duration to attain certification depends on the number of exams that must be taken and the amount of time that is allotted by the organization that publishes the Microsoft certification exams. Many organizations allow students to access the Microsoft certification exams after they have passed the exams. You may also register for the exams online.

If you are an aspiring Microsoft certified specialist or a Microsoft professional who is interested in becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or Microsoft Licensed Professional, then the best thing to do is to get certifications today!

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