A labor lawyer is an attorney who represents employees and employers. They will be able to review employment litigation and negotiate disputes, such as overtime pay, compensatory and punitive damages, claims of employer negligence, and other employment-related questions.

Using a Labour Lawyer

Lawyers also handle other legal matters that directly affect employees, such as discrimination or harassment, wrongful termination, maternity and paternity issues, dismissal and redundancy. If you have been the victim of such actions, you may require legal advice regarding breach of contract and workers’ compensation claims, or you may wish to file a claim for injuries at work. A skilled labor lawyer will be able to assist you with these and other legal questions you may have.

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A good labour lawyer will assist you in defending yourself against accusations of discrimination, such as racial discrimination, age discrimination, and pregnancy discrimination lawyers for unionized employees. They will also defend you against retaliation, such as being unfairly dismissed or denied promotion or higher compensation for doing jobs in which you have had experience previously.

They can advise you on your right to union representation, and the obligations of your employer in regard to a strike, lockout or workers’ compensation. They can assist you with obtaining reasonable accommodations for you or your family, such as paid leave time. In some cases, employers will settle out of court, avoiding a lengthy court battle.

In cases where workers seek higher wages or compensation for being injured at work, employment lawyers can help them receive maximum benefits from their employer. They will review your case and consult with you, and decide if your employer’s benefits or workplace rules are fair and consistent with the Canada Employment Act.

If your employer does not follow the law, you may be able to sue them under the Canada Labour Code. The Code states that all employees in Canada have the right to join a trade union and to bargain over workplace conditions and pay. Under the code, your employer must give you access to a workplace health and safety program, and regular training opportunities, or you can make a claim for unfair treatment.

In addition to your rights at work, you have rights when it comes to dealing with your employer. With experience and a reputation as an expert in labour law, you can help yourself to receive a higher salary, better benefits, better working conditions, and be more attractive to potential employers. Because most employment lawyers work on a contingency basis, you will only pay for legal services that are successfully obtained.

One of the main benefits of using an employment lawyer to represent you in a unionized workplace is to ensure that you receive a fair treatment at work. For instance, many employers try to intimidate their workers into not filing a complaint regarding unsafe working conditions, poor working conditions, or excessive stress, by threatening or intimidating them.

A skilled labor lawyer can provide you with the necessary advice and representation so that you can easily report such cases to the appropriate authorities. Your lawyer can also deal with the unionized employers and help you negotiate a reasonable settlement.

Unfair treatment at the workplace is not an isolated problem, as it is unfortunately one of the major problems in our society. It is estimated that more than $75 billion is lost each year due to unfair labour practices in the US. Unfair treatment at the workplace includes discrimination in terms of age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, union, or any other protected grounds.

Most employers are legally required to have a written employment policy that outlines their expectations. To protect all of these rights, and to ensure that all of your rights are protected at the workplace, you need to hire the services of a labor lawyer who is experienced in representing both individuals and employers in labor disputes.

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