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The mask we generally call the Bauta mask is really really known as a larva mask.

The title Larva signifies ghost mask, it had been initially always in plain black or white and has been created from leather or paper mache KN95 for Sale. It was a mask worn by both women and men alike and worn frequently by fans in order that they can meet in public without the fear of admiration.

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Rigins of Larva Mask Review

For those wanting to hide their identity, whilst socialising, this is really a fantastic advantage. The simple fact that the layout also changed the timbre of the voice has been an extra bonus.

The Bauta disguise was a wonderful social leveller, when worn were equivalent be you master or servant, whatever social category you came out. This you’d believe could have caused a social utopia of types with equality for everybody.

In a sense it did, even though it was just for short periods, however, the unfortunate side effect was the society dropped into moral decline. It encouraged its wearers to throw society’s codes of morals and behavior because there wasn’t any fear of admiration and consequences. This subsequently resulted in serious restrictions being put on the wearing of masks society before their eventual ban in Napoleonic times.

Now’s Larva masks, which we refer to as the Bauta mask are far a lot more cosmetic than the first. It’s still possible to buy plain black or white masks but most are now brightly colored painted in harlequin style, adorned with gilded macramé and festoon using feathers.


I’m Mikaela Parry, I’ve retailing and importing authentic Venetian masks for five decades and during this time I have become fascinated with their history and design. To us they’re a mere fashion accessory but these mask affected the economic and social background of Venice.

Here you’ll discover the in addition to bauta mask a huge variety of authentic venetian mask along with an abundance of information concerning them.

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