Electronic Drug Detection, or EAD, is a revolutionary tool that can help law enforcement and other first responder agencies around the nation fight the latest threats to public health and safety. EAD is a national program developed by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to help identify, evaluate, and prescribe treatment for prescription drug abuse and other forms of substance abuse. Its mission is to reduce the burden of drug addiction on our communities.


What exactly is EAD? Electronic Disease Diagnostic System is a computerized system that identifies the presence and symptoms of prescription drug addiction. It can also detect other drug addictions through various physical and chemical testing systems.

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This national program not only deals with the dangers of prescription drug addiction, but also offers training for those who work in the field that can help treat those suffering from addiction, especially those who are working in settings such as hospitals, schools, and clinics.

EAD’s primary function is to provide accurate information on the different types of drugs and the associated risks. However, many of the programs offered also provide information and education about the laws regarding drug use, distribution, possession, and purchase.

Like most legal issues pertaining to controlled substances, many of these programs also address the laws surrounding marijuana use and sales eDrugSearch.com. Programs are also available which address issues surrounding the death penalty, juvenile drug crimes, immigration issues, and the use of force and excessive force in dealing with the drug crisis.

EAD’s main function is to help provide access to the latest treatment options for those suffering from drug addictions. Through various programs, EAD has developed educational materials that can help educate those seeking help on how to beat their addiction.

This includes not only information on how to combat drug abuse but also on how to become drug-free. Additionally, many of the programs offered through EAD offer peer support and group treatment options. These can be especially vital for those who are trying to overcome a difficult illness and would normally require special therapy and care.

There is also a very strong resource section offered by EAD. This provides patients with information about various resources including local support groups, national drug hotlines, drug rehabilitation facilities, and online treatment programs.

Through this resource section, those in need of help can find out about government-funded drug rehabs, medical clinics, and hospitals. They can also get information on various drug crime charges. In addition, family and friends can obtain useful information about substance abuse by speaking to police, doctors, and lawyers.

Currently, EAD is offering a wide variety of different services to those searching for drug treatment options. While they do not sell drugs, they do offer information and education which pertains to drug dependency. For those who are already addicted to prescription drugs, EAD offers referral services.

This service is unique in that, through this service, those seeking prescription assistance can turn to an experienced and confidential counselor for help in determining if this is an appropriate course of action. If you are seeking treatment for any type of drug dependency, whether it be prescription drugs or illegal drugs, or both, EAD can provide the necessary guidance.

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