One of the first things that come to our minds when we think of hypnosis is the image of a hypnotist sitting on a throne in front of a sleeping person who seems to be under their spell. A very common image, and one that is widely misunderstood even by people who do not practice hypnosis. A hypnotherapist doesn’t have to be sitting on a large sofa with a potted plant beside him or her. The most important element of a hypnosis session is the rapport you create with your patient. This is achieved through your body language, gestures, and speech. The hypnotherapist’s goal is to make you as relaxed as possible without making you do anything you don’t want to do.

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Important to Keep Distance From a Hypnotist

While you are talking with the hypnotist you must keep in mind that they are also in control of the unconscious mind of the patient and they can get you to do things that you may not otherwise do because they can trick and control the conscious mind as well hypnosis tampa. This is why it is extremely important that you are completely open to them and that you allow them to hypnotize you. There should be an obvious rapport between you both that you are both beginning to believe in each other. When the rapport is established, the hypnotist can begin using their tricks of hypnosis. Most hypnotists like to start with a brief relaxation procedure where they get you to close your eyes and relax your body.

Final Words

The hypnotist will then begin to get into the state of trance and use their rapport techniques to put the patient into a state of relaxation. When the body begins to relax, it is time for the hypnotist to get more specific with their suggestions and these suggestions can be directed by the patient. A successful hypnotist can get the patient to do and think just about anything the hypnotist wants the patient to do or think. This makes hypnosis something that can be very dangerous if the patient isn’t careful.

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