Wildflowers have always been popular, but with the popularity of “no-till” gardening, many are finding they are unable to replenish their gardens. Fortunately, there are a few good alternatives to planting wild flower seeds that can be planted in spring and replanted each year in the fall. They’re easy to grow from seed and with the proper care, will provide a wonderful living plant for you or your family for years to come.

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Seeds For Pots

Many people choose wildflower seed gifts because the vibrant colors of wildflowers make the most beautiful and eye-catching garden feature. Wildflower seeds can be used to decorate and add color to a backyard patio, front yard, front porch or gazebo.

Planting wildflowers is fairly simple: Place the seeds in a row at the edge of your garden and water them in well. You may need to do this often, depending on how many wildflowers you intend to plant. For those that will be planted in an area of heavy shade, you may want to consider sunflowers instead. These will provide more nourishment but are still quite easy to grow from seeds.

The beauty of wildflowers is their many colors and the ways they can be used. Planting them will add color to your home as well as the enjoyment you’ll get from watching them grow. Make sure you plant them in good soil and bring them inside out through the fall so they will bloom before winter sets in.

Final Words

There is nothing quite like the sights and sounds of wildflowers, and your guests will feel the magic as soon as they step into your garden. The seeds from your plants will give them sustenance and life, creating a wonderful environment for them to thrive.

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